BAGSKO is a female-owned company all about bringing you the perfect bag you can’t find easily anywhere else.


We were born over 20 years ago, doing wholesale

business that led us to the wonderful and

under-populated world of bags.


Who created the brand saw a pervasive demand for bags that were stylish, fit requirements, and were exactly the right size and shape to fit every need.

Leaning more into the bag world, they began getting enthusiastic and happy feedback from their

wide-ranging selection and
soon turned their attention to
constantly upgrading their
selection and sourcing.

was born!

From clear bags that fit the entry rules at stadiums, prisons, and schools - to the perfect bridal and travel bags - you’ll find it
on this site.

All our bags are crafted using the most responsible methods, latest technological manufacturing, and design methods. You'll find bag love here, we’re sure!

Check us out!

You’ll love what you find.